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An interview with James Hansen at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Here, Dr. Hansen speaks in simple, politically astute terms about how best to put a price on carbon. We are already paying a carbon tax, with the lungs, brains, and organs of our citizens, and it is costing us billions. It’s time we face up to consciously pricing fossil fuels so that we can make market based, rational decisions on our energy policy. moreless
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David MacKay video showing why he believes in arithmetic, explains energy usage in UK in terms of average number of lightbulbs per day per person, and the landmass necessary to support each energy option. moreless
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A forest is much more than what is seen, says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an understanding of how trees interrelate, often over vast distances. Understand the delicate balance of the forest and the concept of tipping points in forest health. moreless
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Video (French) explaining the nature of the different products stored and their origins. 0.2% of what’s stored is highly radioactive, and represents 98% of the radioactivity. Information is also given about the products that are stored awaiting processing to be reused in future reactors. moreless
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Dr. Hansen and three other notable climate scientists argue that the CO2 reductions necessary to contain the global temperature rise cannot be achieved with proven technology without a considerable increase in the contribution of nuclear energy. moreless
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Frameworks and tools to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities. Build resilience to climate impacts, see what others are doing, explore local situations. moreless
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Many short videos on a wide panoply of climate related issues. moreless
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Wakeup call for climate realism. moreless
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Dealing with nuclear’s image. moreless

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