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Mitigation is the process of limiting or eliminating the production of GHG, or acting against its negative effects. Mitigation includes both actions, current and future, as well as studies and proposals.

http://sauvonsleclimat.org/images/articles/pdf_files/Plaquette SLCHD 6.pdf
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A thorough mitigation scenario to contain temperature rise to 2°C. Gives detail requirements for all major GHG generating sectors. Much has been deduced from the situation in France, however the logic is transferable to other countries. moreless
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This Synthesis Report is based on the assessment carried out by the three Working Groups (WGs) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It provides an integrated view of climate change as the final part of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). Topic 1 summarizes observed changes in climate and their effects on natural and human systems, regardless of their causes, while Topic 2 assesses the causes of the observed changes. Topic 3 presents projections of future climate change and related impacts under different scenarios. Topic 4 discusses adaptation and mitigation options over the next few decades and their interactions with sustainable development.
Excellent example of the thinking and methodology, but not the most recent data. moreless
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David MacKay video showing why he believes in arithmetic, explains energy usage in UK in terms of average number of lightbulbs /day / person, and the landmass necessary to support each energy option. moreless
https://sauvonsleclimat.org/images/articles/pdf_files/art_sel/Enforced nuclear-inderscience-site.pdf
also in categories carbon capture, economics, energy, nuclear, plans and scenarios moreless
This paper proposes a modification of the IPPC mitigation scenario MESSAGE whereby large scale deployment of nuclear reactors are deployed from 2020 rather than 2060, thereby greatly reducing the need for yet unproven carbon capture. moreless
also in categories carbon capture, causes, economics, energy, nuclear, solar, success and failures, wind moreless
Greenhouse gases emissions, wealth, energy intensity, population... The link between all those figures, that a number of experts - physicists, economists, engineers, demographers - all appreciate in their own field ? An simple equation, absolutely wonderful because it is precisely so simple (and, as we will see, so awful for the same reason), allows us to show how these notions can be linked to one another. Perhaps the missing link in making climate mitigation decisions? A Jancovici classic. moreless
also in categories energy, fossil fuel moreless
Shows how, based on Swedish and French deployment data, it would be possible to replace all fossil fuel used for electricity generation by nuclear. moreless
also in category forests moreless
Potential pitfalls of reforestation for climate mitigation that must be taken into consideration. moreless
also in category forests moreless
Explains the alternative reforestation options in different environments. moreless
also in categories causes, economics, effects, energy, health, international references, nuclear, plans and scenarios, solar, wind moreless
Massive climate documentation library. A “must” reference for diverse quality information. Few areas can benefit as much from Open Access as climate change research: the combination of public, scientific, and governmental interest with the mounting misinformation, unsubstantiated opinions, and unsourced data make public access to original, well-reported, and peer-reviewed climate change research of utmost importance. An international reference. moreless
also in categories agriculture, carbon capture, causes, economics, effects, forests moreless
Tropical reforestation (TR) has been highlighted as an important intervention for climate change mitigation because of its carbon storage potential. TR can also play other frequently overlooked, but significant, roles in helping society and ecosystems adapt to climate variability and change. For example, reforestation can ameliorate climate-associated impacts of altered hydrological cycles in watersheds, protect coastal areas from increased storms, and provide habitat to reduce the probability of species’ extinctions under a changing climate. moreless
also in categories energy, french, hydroelectric, plans and scenarios, sea, solar, technology, transportation, wind moreless
Critique of Mark Jacobson’s wind, water and sun “solution” for French energy transition. moreless
also in categories coal, economics, effects, energy, fossil fuel, nuclear, solar, success and failures, wind moreless
Max Planck Institut’s analysis of the German energy transition project and identification of it’s numerous limitations. moreless
also in categories carbon capture, causes, economics, effects, energy, forests, government, industry, plans and scenarios moreless
James Hansen, et.al. Assessment of impacts of global warming using ongoing observations and paleoclimate data. We use Earth’s measured energy imbalance, paleoclimate data, and simple representations of the global carbon cycle and temperature to define emission reductions needed to stabilise climate and avoid potentially disastrous impacts. moreless
also in categories agriculture, economics, education and training, effects, government, international references, negotiations, plans and scenarios moreless
A United Nations overview of climate issues, activities, and science. Gathers and shares information on GHG emissions, national policies and best practices,Launch national strategies and measures for reducing GHGs and adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change, including developing financial and technical support to developing countries, Cooperate in preparation for taking mitigation measures and adaptation measures. moreless
also in categories energy, nuclear, solar, success and failures, wind, video moreless
Dr. Hansen and three other notable climate scientists argue that the CO2 reductions necessary to contain the global temperature rise cannot be achieved with proven technology without a considerable increase in the contribution of nuclear energy. moreless
also in categories economics, energy, french, government, industry, negotiations, nuclear, plans and scenarios, solar, transportation, wind moreless
Description of the plan adopted into French law in 2015. Can be used as a base to follow the achievements, or limitations of the objectives. moreless
also in categories economics, negotiations moreless
The phrase “put a price on carbon” is becoming common in corporate and government conversation . The World Bank Group, business groups, and investors have called on governments and corporations to support carbon pricing as a way to bring down emissions and drive investment into cleaner options. moreless
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Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)Since the beginning of the UN’s international climate activities, measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of Parties’ progress has been an important activity. For climate change mitigation recommendations to be effective and a useful planning tool, Parties need reliable information on emissions and actions, both at home and worldwide.MRV is a term used to describe all measures which states take to collect data on emissions, mitigation actions and support, to compile this information in reports and inventories, and to subject these to international review or analysis. moreless
also in categories biofuel, carbon capture, causes, coal, economics, effects, energy, forests, fossil fuel, government, habitation, hydroelectric, industry, natural gas, negotiations, nuclear, petroleum, plans and scenarios, promising technology, recycling solutions, solar, success and failures, technology, transportation, wind moreless
US commitment to COP22. This document lays out a strategy to deeply decarbonize the U.S. economy by 2050. This document has been presented immediately after the US 2016 election results. At this point in time, little is known about the future of these very worthwhile commitments. moreless
also in categories coal, economics moreless
German Mid-Century Strategy plan. Very brief. Contains intentions with no measurable actions. In view of Germany’s reputation of being avant garde in the early adoption of renewables, this document deserves considerable scrutiny. Germany intends to define an actual strategy in 2018. Compared to the detailed American document, this is void of almost everything. moreless
also in categories carbon capture, energy, nuclear, plans and scenarios, promising technology, technology moreless
An international team of scientists suggests that we must ramp up energy production by nuclear power if we are to succeed in warding off the worst effects of climate change. Writing in the International Journal of Global Energy Issues, the team suggests that beginning in 2020 we could achieve an annual electricity output of 20 terawatts without needing to develop carbon dioxide trapping and storage technology for the tens of billions of tons of emissions that would otherwise drive global warming to catastrophic levels. moreless
also in categories coal, economics, energy, nuclear, technology moreless
Chinese atomic energy experts have announced an ambitious plan to begin turning the country’s coal plant infrastructure into working nuclear power stations. The first working demonstration unit could begin real commercial operations as early as 2018.The plan could reenforce China’s position as one of the world’s most aggressive actors on climate change — though just as important to China is nuclear’s ability to help deal with its growing problem with air pollution. moreless
also in categories coal, effects, energy, fossil fuel, government, natural gas, nuclear, petroleum, plans and scenarios, solar, success and failures, transportation, waste, wind moreless
Trump’s transition team has circulated a 74-point questionnaire at the Department of Energy asking for the names of employees and contractors who have attended climate change policy conferences, and associated emails and documents. This document is being scrutinised in an attempt to predict the new government’s climate policy. These questions could serve as the basis for a purge of EPA employees, and casts doubts on virtually all climate mitigation scenarios. moreless
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Data resources related to climate change that can help prepare America’s communities, businesses, and citizens. There is data and resources related to coastal flooding, food resilience, water, ecosystem vulnerability, human health, energy infrastructure, transportation and the Arctic region. Over time, additional data and tools relevant to other climate-related impacts will be added. moreless
also in categories agriculture, causes, community, economics, education and training, effects, energy, forests, government, health, industry, models, recycling solutions, technology, transportation, video moreless
Frameworks and tools to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities. Build resilience to climate impacts, see what others are doing, explore local situations. moreless
also in categories models, plans and scenarios moreless
The Data Explorer is an interactive tool that provides access to data from EPA's annual Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks. You can create customised graphs, examine trends over time, and download the data moreless
also in categories education and training, effects, energy, sea moreless
Climate science overview, causes of climate change, future of climate change and many other things. This agency is under serious threat from the incoming US administration. moreless
also in categories agriculture, biofuel, carbon capture, economics, energy, forests, models, nuclear, plans and scenarios, solar, technology, wind moreless
MIT RESEARCH MISSIONOur integrated team of natural and social scientists studies the interactions among human and Earth systems to provide a sound foundation of scientific knowledge to aid decision?makers in confronting future food, energy, water, climate, air pollution and other interwoven challenges. Much details on energy alternatives, including costs, safety, and Timeliness of availability. moreless

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