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Technology: Technological developments, current and future, will have to play a prominent role in the transition from fossil fuels to a great reduction in GHG production.

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MacKay deals with the essential numbers that put various clean energy sources into the context necessary to make sensible choices. He puts emphasis on energy density, or in other words, how much land is needed for each source, and how applicable each is in different environments. The finest source on the subject. moreless
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Facts, figures, energy and environment, country profiles, future developments, etc. moreless
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Critique of Mark Jacobson’s wind, water and sun “solution” for French energy transition. moreless
also in categories energy, fossil fuel, transportation moreless
Discusses whether Electrical Vehicles are really ‘Clean and Green’, or just misrepresented as such. EVs are seen as a big step forward on the path to a clean energy future – unless they only move the pollution over to a coal or other dirty power plant. moreless
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The State of the Climate report series is an authoritative annual summary of the global climate. Published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, the report is edited by scientists at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. The 2015 report is based on contributions from more than 450 scientists from 62 countries, drawing on tens of thousands of measurements of Earth's climate. moreless
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Discussions of the costs of the German Energy Transition plan, and it’s achievements and limitations ;Conclusion: Le rapport coût-bénéfice de la transition énergétique allemande est désastreux. En dépit de ces investissements astronomiques dans le développement des renouvelables, la décarbonisation du secteur électrique ne progresse pas. Les émissions des gaz à effet de serre sont mêmes revenues à leur niveau de 2009. Allemagne ne semble pas en mesure d’atteindre les objectifs climatiques qu’elle s’est fixée. moreless
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US commitment to COP22. This document lays out a strategy to deeply decarbonize the U.S. economy by 2050. This document has been presented immediately after the US 2016 election results. At this point in time, little is known about the future of these very worthwhile commitments. moreless
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An international team of scientists suggests that we must ramp up energy production by nuclear power if we are to succeed in warding off the worst effects of climate change. Writing in the International Journal of Global Energy Issues, the team suggests that beginning in 2020 we could achieve an annual electricity output of 20 terawatts without needing to develop carbon dioxide trapping and storage technology for the tens of billions of tons of emissions that would otherwise drive global warming to catastrophic levels. moreless
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In the next 30 years, we expect to see substantial change in energy systems as the lifetime of existing plants ends and new plants are built with the EPA goals in mind. Replacement systems will have to enter a new operational paradigm in which integrated industrial-scale systems might provide the optimum way forward. An interesting view of future energy systems architecture. Does not take into consideration in US political changes. moreless
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Chinese atomic energy experts have announced an ambitious plan to begin turning the country’s coal plant infrastructure into working nuclear power stations. The first working demonstration unit could begin real commercial operations as early as 2018.The plan could reenforce China’s position as one of the world’s most aggressive actors on climate change — though just as important to China is nuclear’s ability to help deal with its growing problem with air pollution. moreless
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Data resources related to climate change that can help prepare America’s communities, businesses, and citizens. There is data and resources related to coastal flooding, food resilience, water, ecosystem vulnerability, human health, energy infrastructure, transportation and the Arctic region. Over time, additional data and tools relevant to other climate-related impacts will be added. moreless
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Frameworks and tools to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities. Build resilience to climate impacts, see what others are doing, explore local situations. moreless
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Explains how France intends to reduce GHG to 140 Mt (divide by factor 4, 1990 — 2050) in two generations. moreless
https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5515d9f9e4b04d5c3198b7bb/t/552d37bbe4b07a7dd69fcdbb/1429026747046/An Ecomodernist Manifesto.pdf
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A revolutionary reevaluation of environmentalism, with a high reliance on technology to provide human needs while providing environmental space for wilderness and wild things. moreless
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Developing a Cost Model and Methodology to Estimate Capital Costs for Thermal Energy Storage moreless
also in categories agriculture, biofuel, carbon capture, economics, energy, forests, mitigation, models, nuclear, plans and scenarios, solar, wind moreless
MIT RESEARCH MISSIONOur integrated team of natural and social scientists studies the interactions among human and Earth systems to provide a sound foundation of scientific knowledge to aid decision?makers in confronting future food, energy, water, climate, air pollution and other interwoven challenges. Much details on energy alternatives, including costs, safety, and Timeliness of availability. moreless
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Oil Production Extrapolation, Scenarios, Electricity Statistics, Primary energy Statistics, Climate. Data can be browsed, exported, modeled moreless
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This article presents some crucial findings of the joint research project entitled «Storage of electric energy from renewable sources in the natural gas grid-water electrolysis and synthesis of gas components». The challenges of using these technologies on an industrial scale are discussed. moreless
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Government’s role in the development of hydraulic fracturing in shale moreless

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