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Twenty-one documents in the library in the category Success and Failures

Success and Failures: There are many factors determine success or failure of GHG mitigation efforts and especially energy transition. Media, governments and manufacturers are quick to promote successful projects, and normally silent about failures.
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West Coast climate effect reposts on Sierra Nevada Snowpack, El Nino in California and Nevada, California heat waves, drought in Southern California, California, precipitation and a variety of similar reference reports. moreless
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Max Planck Institut’s analysis of the German energy transition project and identification of its numerous limitations. moreless
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Discussions of the costs of the German Energy Transition plan, and its achievements and limitations. Conclusion: “Le rapport coût-bénéfice de la transition énergétique allemande est désastreux. En dépit de ces investissements astronomiques dans le développement des renouvelables, la décarbonisation du secteur électrique ne progresse pas. Les émissions des gaz à effet de serre sont mêmes revenues à leur niveau de 2009. Allemagne ne semble pas en mesure d’atteindre les objectifs climatiques qu’elle s’est fixée.” moreless
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Dr. Hansen and three other notable climate scientists argue that the CO2 reductions necessary to contain the global temperature rise cannot be achieved with proven technology without a considerable increase in the contribution of nuclear energy. moreless
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US commitment to COP22. This document lays out a strategy to deeply decarbonize the U.S. economy by 2050. This document has been presented immediately after the US 2016 election results. At this point in time, little is known about the future of these very worthwhile commitments. moreless
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Trump’s transition team has circulated a 74-point questionnaire at the Department of Energy asking for the names of employees and contractors who have attended climate change policy conferences, and associated emails and documents. This document is being scrutinised in an attempt to predict the new government’s climate policy. These questions could serve as the basis for a purge of EPA employees, and casts doubts on virtually all climate mitigation scenarios. moreless Energy Emergency v17.pdf
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Quantitative effects of replacing nuclear worldwide. moreless
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Evaluation of a proposal for reliable low-cost grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar. Previous analyses have found that the most feasible route to a low-carbon energy future is one that adopts a diverse portfolio of technologies. In contrast, Jacobson et al. (2015) consider whether the future primary energy sources for the United States could be narrowed to almost exclusively wind, solar, and hydroelectric power and suggest that this can be done at “low-cost” Jacobson’s work had often been criticised by scientists, and worshiped by many “Green” organisation. In this article, his conclusions are shown to be falacous. moreless
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J M Jancovici explains why RE is 6x more expensive than nuclear, and 10x more for solar. moreless
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The "Climate Action Tracker" is an independent science-based assessment, which tracks the emission commitments and actions of countries. The website provides an up-to-date assessment of individual national pledges, targets and INDCs and currently implemented policy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. moreless
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Il est frappant de constater le peu d’impact en près de quinze ans sur le mix énergétique d’une politique volontariste de transition focalisée sur l’électricité et le couple éolien-solaire. Et basée sur de lourds investissements et des subventions massives. Eolien et solaire ne fournissent même pas 5% de la consommation totale d’énergie en 2016. Par contre les dégâts collatéraux sont réels. Les prix de gros du marché de l’électricité s’effondrent et les tarifs des consommateurs s’envolent. moreless
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Table showing German energy transition, created by McKinsey consultants for the German government. moreless to Decarbonize.pd
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In the summer of 2017, EP Senior Analyst Mark Nelson and EP Research Fellow Arun Ramamurthy took the analyses of energy decarbonization a step further. Mark and Arun were after something far more ambitious.Why only compare decades of peak deployment between a small set of countries, they reasoned, when there was publicly available data covering 68 nations over 52 years (1965 - 2016)? We publish their study to fill a gap in the scientific literature and the regularly issued reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which are overwhelmingly focused on modelling future scenarios with little regard for real-world historical trends. moreless
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A biannual dashboard that reports on the progress of the energy transition plan - sector by sector vs the objectives. This first iteration shows that achievements are already behind objectives, and suggests that economic subsidies are aimed at the wrong targets. moreless
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While the consummation has remained stable for several years, CO2 continues to rise in spite of significant increases in renewable energy capacity. Official details are in this Electricity Balance Sheet. In French. moreless
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List of all countries’ forest coverage, including increase and decreases. moreless
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Analysis and critique of previous disaster responses, and lessons for the future. moreless
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The Global Carbon Project (GCP) studies the integrated picture of the carbon cycle and other interacting bio-geochemical cycles, including biophysical and human dimensions and their interactions and feedbacks. Covers three themes: Diagnostics, Vulnerability and Carbon Management and policy. Much useful data. moreless
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Vast source of energy data, including power plants, fuels and resources, energy transmission, and energy consumers. Data presented in many ways. Current worldwide list of coal power plants from this site. moreless
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The future of the UN’s major climate fund hangs in the balance, with a looming cash shortfall and a boardroom locked in conflict.That is the assessment of international green leader Frank Rijsberman, in the most candid high-profile interview on the Green Climate Fund (GCF) since its board meeting collapsed last month. moreless
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Detail list of regulatory roll-back under Trump. America’s retreat on climate. moreless

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