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http://sauvonsleclimat.org/images/articles/pdf_files/Plaquette SLCHD 6.pdf
also in categories economics, energy, mitigation, plans and scenarios moreless
A thorough mitigation scenario to contain temperature rise to 2°C. Gives detail requirements for all major GHG generating sectors. Much has been deduced from the situation in France, however the logic is transferable to other countries. moreless
also in categories economics, effects, energy, health, nuclear moreless
Implications, economic and climatic, of exiting from nuclear. moreless
also in category solar moreless
Discusses potential limits of photovoltaic manufacturing due to limitations of various rare minerals moreless
also in categories energy, hydroelectric, mitigation, plans and scenarios, sea, solar, technology, transportation, wind moreless
Critique of Mark Jacobson’s wind, water and sun “solution” for French energy transition. moreless
also in categories nuclear, radiation, video moreless
Video (French) explaining the nature of the different products stored and their origins. 0.2% of what’s stored is highly radioactive, and represents 98% of the radioactivity. Information is also given about the products that are stored awaiting processing to be reused in future reactors. moreless
also in categories nuclear, radiation, waste moreless
What, where, how much nuclear waste. Open source data is available for modelling or other use. Many useful references to associated topics. moreless
also in categories nuclear, radiation moreless
Report gives a detailed description of the totality of material and waste, existing and future, present in France. the information is available as open source data. Excellent reference. moreless
also in categories economics, energy, plans and scenarios, success and failures, technology moreless
Discussions of the costs of the German Energy Transition plan, and it’s achievements and limitations ;Conclusion: Le rapport coût-bénéfice de la transition énergétique allemande est désastreux. En dépit de ces investissements astronomiques dans le développement des renouvelables, la décarbonisation du secteur électrique ne progresse pas. Les émissions des gaz à effet de serre sont mêmes revenues à leur niveau de 2009. Allemagne ne semble pas en mesure d’atteindre les objectifs climatiques qu’elle s’est fixée. moreless
also in categories economics, energy, government, industry, mitigation, negotiations, nuclear, plans and scenarios, solar, transportation, wind moreless
Description of the plan adopted into French law in 2015. Can be used as a base to follow the achievements, or limitations of the objectives. moreless
also in categories agriculture, biofuel, carbon capture, coal, economics, energy, forests, fossil fuel, government, habitation, hydroelectric, industry, natural gas, nuclear, petroleum, plans and scenarios, recycling solutions, solar, technology, transportation, waste, wind moreless
Explains how France intends to reduce GHG to 140 Mt (divide by factor 4, 1990 — 2050) in two generations. moreless
http://www.sauvonsleclimat.org/images/articles/pdf_files/etudes/Electricites intermittentes.pdf
also in categories economics, energy, habitation, solar, wind moreless
Wind and solar generated electricity, CO2, and prices for WesternEeuropean households moreless

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