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Education and Information are fundamental to our role as facilitators of climate understanding and we believe access to a wide range of selected documents and other media will be an essential aid.

Climate understanding is of course directly related to the underlying science, whereas climate actions require an understanding of many more subjects, including economic and political issues, land and water use, wise choices in adopting technology, research and development, international cooperation, and many other things. Our library of more than a hundred carefully chosen documents provides information about these topics.

Choose a category and you’ll get a list of documents. (You can also select more than one category; you’ll then be given only documents that are in every category you select). Look at the descriptions. If of interest, click on the document title, and you’ll be transferred to the document.

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If you’ve browsed through our continuously updated documents, you’ll have appreciated their breadth of scope and their seriousness.

We have peer reviewed international references that are often overlooked in mainstream media and other climate sites.

We have documents that criticise things that haven’t worked, and since we’ve concentrated on science and tried to factor out ideology, some of our documents may seem controversial.

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